I am a senior lecturer, researcher and designer in Media, Culture, Heritage at Newcastle University, UK. In my work I combine people-centred research methodologies, design and digital heritage. I am primarily interested in how people experience, engage with and make meaning of cultural content through digital technologies – in this process I often design and study digital technologies in cultural settings, such as museums, heritage sites and public spaces.

I teach in the areas of digital heritage, digital cultural communication and exhibition design and I often advise on ethnographic, visual and design methods.

My Newcastle University profile.

Recent Publications

Galani A,, Durant, A., Chatting, D., Farley, R. (2020) ‘Designing for intersubjectivity and dialogicality in museum interactive installations about migration’. Digital Creativity, 31(4), 302-319. [PRE-PRINT VERSION OPEN ACCESS]

Galani, A., Kidd J. (2020) ‘Hybrid Material Encounters – Expanding the continuum of museum materialities in the wake of a pandemic‘. Museum & Society, 18(3), 298-301. [OPEN ACCESS]

Galani, A., Mason, R., Arrigoni, G. (eds) (2019) European Heritage, Dialogue and Digital Practices. Routledge. [OPEN ACCESS]

Galani, A., Kidd, J. (2019) ‘Evaluating digital cultural heritage ‘in the wild’: the case for reflexivity’ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage (JOCCH) 12(1), article 5. [PRE-PRINT VERSION OPEN ACCESS]

Galani, A., Clarke, R. (2019) ‘Configuring slow technology through social and embodied interaction: making time for reflection in augmenter reality museum experiences with young visitors‘. In: Lewi, H. et al. (eds) International Handbook in New Digital Practices in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Heritage Sites. Routledge. [PRE-PRINT VERSION OPEN ACCESS]

Other chapters in this volume. [AUTHOR ACCEPTED VERSIONS]

Arrigoni, G., Galani A. (2019) ‘From place-memories to active citizenship: the potential of geotagged user-generated visual content for memory scholarship’. In: Drozdzewski, D., Birdsall, C. (eds) Doing Memory Research: New Methods and Approaches. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, pp.145-167. [OPEN ACCESS]