Sit with Me

Sit with Me is a digital interactive installation that encourages museum visitors to slow down and reflect on their own understandings of migration in the North East of England. The installation experiments with the idea of the ‘dialogic museum’. It explores how digital design may create alternative dialogic spaces in exhibitions that deal with difficult topics by providing opportunities for reflection.

In Sit with Me, visitors encounter their reflection, personal migration stories from the past as well as other visitors.

The project also aims to explore the potential of creative digital practice in a museum setting as a research methodology, which allows us to capture the dynamics of a space and visitor experience.

Sit with Me is currently part of the Destination Tyneside gallery in Discovery Museum, Newcastle, UK.

The project was developed in collaboration with Abigail Durrant and David Chatting (Open Lab), Kylea Little (TWAM) and Rhiannon Mason (MCH). It was funded by Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice and supported by Tom Schofield (Culture Lab) and Dave Kirk (Open Lab).

Research publication: Galani A., Durant, A., Chatting, D., Farley, R. (2020) ‘Designing for intersubjectivity and dialogicality in museum interactive installations about migration’. Digital Creativity, 31(4), 302-319. [PRE-PRINT VERSION OPEN ACCESS]