Futurescaping methods for museum and heritage professionals

How can we include creative experimentation in the development of a museum’s vision? How can we involve different museum stakeholders in making activities that encourage dialogue beyond predefined roles and hierarchies?

A forward-looking one day CPD workshop for museum and heritage professionals, curators and practitioners in culture organisations in the UK. The workshop focused on design-inspired speculative methods based on scenario building and co-creation relevant to museum practice. In a playful environment, participants and researchers engaged with different forms of speculation and future-scaping, as well as scenario-building and co-design / prototyping techniques. The theme of the workshop was post-truth museology.

This event was organised by Media, Culture, Heritage at Newcastle University in collaboration with the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design (CIID).

Facilitators: Gabi Arrigoni, Areti Galani, Annelie Berner and Monika Seyfried

Media and publications:

This workshop was supported by the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 693289