Deletion Bureau: Future/Erasure

A future-scaping workshop for museum professionals to explore the proposal of deleting a significant part of European museums’ collections to respond more closely to the evolving notion of ‘European-ness’ and its constantly changing values.

This workshops was delivered as part of the CoHERE, EU-funded, project and specifically the strand that explored futuring as a critical and dialogic design approach to imagine alternative heritage practices. The workshop was a collaboration between CIID and Newcastle University.

The Deletion Bureau took place in January 2018 in Leiden, Netherlands, in collaboration with the Research Centre for Material Culture.

Media and publications:

  • Futurescaping as a critical heritage approach video
  • Transformation Machine vignette, in Galani, A., Arrigoni, G., Mason, R. (2019) (eds) European Heritage, Dialogue and Digital Practices, Routledge, 60-61 [OPEN ACCESS]