Restorying the forest

What are the layers of an ancient forest? How change in the forest happens or might happen? How do we make sense of the natural, cultural, social, tangible and intangible stories that inhabit our ancient woodlands?

A co-experience participatory futuring workshop in Dukes Hagg wood to explore alternative ways of noticing and mobilising the natural, cultural, historical, contemporary and future dimensions of ancient woodland. Through walking and talking, making and speculating participants form LEAF – a Layered Eco-cultural Ancient Forest society. They explore Dukes Hagg wood and collect materials and stories of interest to formulate alternative ways of managing ancient woodland as an evolving natural and cultural landscape.

The first co-experience futuring workshop took place in Dukes Hagg wood in summer 2022 in collaboration with forest school practitioners.

The workshop was co-organised by heritage and design researchers at Newcastle University, Stomping Grounds Forest School and the Wild Museum. The workshop facilitators: Areti Galani, Rachel Clarke, Violeta Tsenova, and John Coburn.

Restorying the Forest is supported by Newcastle University’s Humanities Research Institute Pioneer Awards.